Alexandrian Conservative Party
Conservative torch
Party Leader Matthier Poitiers
Founded July 8, 2005.
Political ideology Conservatism
Color(s) Blue

The Conservative Party (officially the Alexandrian Conservative Party) is currently the largest political party in Alexandria. It is also the most successful political party in history in terms of election victories, and is the oldest existant political party in Alexandria (founded by Prince Enrique Portela and Vindrus York on July 8, 2005).

The Conservative Party is descended from the Alexandrian National Liberty Party/Partie de Liberté Nationale d'Alexandria (ANLP/PLNA). York resigned from the party when he was defeated in the race for the prime ministership. The name was changed into Alexandrian Conservative Party (ACP) after an internal vote.

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Internal Factions Edit

There are three main political factions within the modern Conservative Party:

One Nation Conservatives were the dominant faction during the Prime Ministry of Matthieu Poitiers. The basis of One-Nation Conservatism is a belief in social cohesion, and its adherents support social institutions that maintain harmony between people of different interest groups, classes, different races or religions. Many are also supporters of the Novasolum Pact, perhaps stemming from an extension of the cohesion principle to the international level.

The second main faction in the Conservative party is the free market, or the Friasite wing. This wing achieved dominance after the election of Jose Frias as Prime Minister. The Friasite political goal mainly concerns reducing the role of the government in the economy, and to this end they support cuts in direct taxation and privatization. Matters of social policy are not so clear cut. Many Friasites are also Novosceptics.

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