The Emergency Act was passed by the 1st Alexandrian Imperial Parliament on December 8th, 2005. It recieved assumed Imperial Assent after the Emperor did not either grant it or deny it.

The Emergency Act

To protect the Empire and it's people in times of national emergency;

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In addition to the procedure prescribed by the constitution , there may be times when a national state of emergency require the laws of the Empire may also be enacted by the government of the Empire;

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Laws enacted by the government of the Empire may deviate from the constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Imperial Parliament. The rights of the Emperor remain undisturbed;

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Laws enacted by the government of the Empire shall be issued by the Prime Minister and announced by the Emperor. They shall take immediate effect upon their announcement;

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The government of the Empire shall issue the regulations required for the execution of treaties with nations in times of national emergency. These treaties shall not require the approval of the bodies concerned with legislation

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This Act will become law upon recieving assent from the Emperor.

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