The February 2006 Alexandrian Prime Ministerial elections were the first contest on the position since the ratification of the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005 in November 2005. Voting took place from February 20 to February 23, 2006. The voting was extended for one day due to a extremely low turnout, eding in February 24th.

The Alexandrian Constitution of 2005 specifies that elections for Prime Minister must be "under the supervision of the Electoral Commissioner". However, there is no specific provisions for how one is appointed and the requirements. His Imperial Majesty appointed by decree President Benjamin Gray of Treithar as this year's Electoral Commissioner. Soon after, Benjamin Gray resigned due to personal matters, leaving the Emperor as the Electoral Commissioner.

Candidates Edit


Augusto Benavides, independent candidate


Prime Minister Matthieu Poitiers, incumbent running for a second term

The period for filing candidacy papers ended on February 15th, 2006. Incumbent Prime Minister Matthieu Poitiers of the Alexandrian Conservative Party is running for re-election. His Highness Augusto Benavides, Archduke of Asunción is running againt Prime Minister Poitiers as an independent candidate.

In the weeks leading up to the closing of the nomination period, many considered Jose Frias (Conservative) and Nicholas Bertrand (PDP) as potential candidates for the contest. Neither filed their papers, but have not denied doing so in future elections.

Results Edit

The polls closed on February 23rd with a tie between the candidates. However, the turnout for this round of election was less than 30%. The State Electoral Commission thus decided to extend the polling for one more day, and Prime Minister Matthieu Poitiers was re-elected for an unprecedented second term with 75% of the vote against Augusto Benavides.

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