The Foreign Affairs Act of 2005 was passed by the Estates-General in August 22, 2005. It was granted Imperial Assent in August 29, 2005.

Article I - Name Edit

1) This act shall be known as the Foreign Affairs Act of 2005.

Article II - Recognition Edit

2) A Nation shall be officially recognized by The Empire of the Alexandrians only after the Nation has been around for more than 2 months and it is still active. The Emperor, on advise of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, may determine exeptions on this rule.

3) The Council of State, or Le Council D'etat shall announce weather Alexandria can open diplomatic relations with Nations that have come to Alexandria to establish ties and/or Relations.

Article III- Treaties Edit

4) Treaties, after signed by both parties must pass through the Estates-General for ratification.

5) Treaties involving Alexandria's Sovereignty or land should have to be ratifyed by both the Emperor and the Estates-General.

Article IV- Ministry of Foreign Affairs Edit

6) The Minister of Foreign Affairs can: Appoint Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and appoint Ambassadors, with the consent and approval of the Emperor.

7) The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs is to aid the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and acts as the Minister whenever the Minister of Foreign Affairs is on LOA or there isnt a Minister of Foreign Affairs.

8) Ambassadors have to follow a code of conduct that is determined by the Mininster of Foreign Affairs. They cannot negotiate Treaties unless told by the Emperor or Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Article V - Ratification Edit

9) This act shall become law upon receiving Royal assent.

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