The Holy Avarian Empire
Flag Coat of Arms
National motto: Imperator tremendæ majestatis, fons pietatis, salva nos
(Latin: O Emperor whose majesty is frightening, source of mercy, save us
Official language Avarian
Capital Castillon-Villeroy
Political system Representative democracy
Form of government Constitutional monarchy
Emperor of Avaricum Édouard the Sixth
 • Chancellor
 • Minister of Globe

 • Minister of Sceptre
 • Tribune

Prince Arkays of Atékarone
Prince Charles Louis of Brisach of Blay & Argentorate
Exarque Louis-Alphonse of Bellièvre-Épinac
Prince Charles VIII of Fleury-Guysenval
Currency Avarian Crown
(C.A. for Couronne Avaroise)
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Located in a peninsula in the South of the Archipelago, Holy Avarian Empire since was always governed by a monarchical system, whatever was its form, and was never supplanted by any other type of mode. In spite of the ceaseless concessions approved by the Crown to bequeath some decisional capacity to the people, the democratic authorities never survived the absolutist, true risks pilot of the Avarian identity. The anti-liberals characters are found in this shinning, cultivated, & virtuous ; but deeply pious and anchored in the preserving currents. Let us note also the particular character of the avarian language, giving a glare to the speeches which resound under the cupola of College Saint-Cybertok'Râ.

Relevant information. - Emperor Edgard II of Alexandria has contracted wedding with Avarian Princess Iphigénie of Valois-Montorgueil.


Instituted by a referendum on August 4th of the year 1646, County of Avaricum saw ravelling on its throne of prestigious names such as Albert II or Philippe III. The political mode, officially called Semi-Republic, was organized on an ordinary democratic system, id est composed of a Head of State and a gouvernement.

Under the reign of Édouard VI, the increasingly apparent syncretism of the Religion constrained the State to declare Religion official Very Holy Syist, Eudemonist, Philisophic and Galician Church, the country becoming finally Very Holy County of Avaricum, reforming of this fact the political system. The Council of Immortals, composed of the representatives of each institution, was the executive body of the Nation. It is during this time that Avaricum became little by little extensive on the microworld scene. But it is on January 18th of the year 2006 which the Caliph of Skotinos committed suicide with the Comtal Palace, following an important insurrection of the freedom Skotineek fighters. And it is following this event that was going to occur the inevitable operation of re-establishment of the democracy in Skotinos, annexing it to the County under the statute of Protectorat.
Then on April 14 was proclaimed Empire, or Holy Avarian Empire in its long form, founded by the Oath of Chancellery. Following that, the new one and current Emperor, Édouard VI, divided the State into four Exarchal Principalities, each one directed by a Prince-Exarque (he is himself Prince-Exarque of Castillon). The Principalities are autonomous but depend on the Empire with regard to the Martial Union (imperial decree aiming at gathering the Princely Armies under the direction of the Emperor in period of crisis) and High Justice.

On December 16th of the same year was promulgated for the first time the Constitution of the Empire, conferring the legislative power, before very monopolized by the nobility, with the people. This day was thus founded the Imperial Senate, gathering Council of Immortals, Chambre made up of Greats of the country, and the Great Court, assembled elected representatives.


The Avarian metropolis, named New-Alexandria, is located in a peninsula at the South of the Archipelago, in the East of the Locquetish grounds of Lautrec. New-Alexandria is divided into three Sovereign Principalities : Castillon, Castelmaure and Guysenval. In addition, since the annexation of Skotinos, at the origin of the introduction of the Empire, a fourth Principality was added. Skotinos is located on another continent at the East of New-Alexandria. Let us note that two islands belonging to Avaricum, one having been acquired following the aforementioned addition, were yielded to the Zorthodox Holy-See. The national capital is Castillon-Villeroy, localised in the Principality of Castillon, in the southernmost metropolitan territory. Lastly, in May 1707, a new territory came to be added to the Avarian imperial field : the Principality of Argentorate-Eastern, born from the scission of the died independent Principality of Argentorate, of which the second part is Belondor under influence. In addition to the five Sovereign Principalities, Avaricum has Colonies and can be prided to offer its Protectorate to places in charge of History, such as Palatinate of Kadyngrad or the Kingdom of Yrusalem.

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