Ibelinflag Ibelincoat
Flag of Ibelin Coat of Arms of Ibelin
Motto: A Deo et Rege. (From God and the King)
Official languages French, Spanish (in some areas)
Capital Crécy
Largest city Crécy
Grand Duke of Ibelin Jacques de Beaufort.
Premier Vacant. (Vacant.)

The province of Ibelin is a province of the Empire of the Alexandrians. It is bordered by the province of Valenciennes to its north, the province of Baudrix and the Zatriarchate of Matbaa to its east, and the ocean to the south.

Ibelin, together with the province of Valenciennes, comprises what is commonly called “mainland Alexandria”. The capital of Ibelin is the city of Crécy.

Important Cities Edit

The largest cities in Ibelin are:

  • Crécy population 345,987. (Capital of the province).
  • Arras population 132,122.
  • Vincennes population 475,179.


Ibelin is one of the three provinces of the Empire (others are Puerto Nuevo and Rio Grande) which lack an official provincial government. The current Grand Duke of Baudrix is Cardinal Jacques de Beaufort.

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