Iphigénie of Valois-Montorgueil was born March 11th, 1982 in Castillon-Villeroy (Avaricum), by the union of Philippe of Valois and Blanche of Habsbourg, of which she was the fourth and last child. Her birth conferred her the prerogative of Montorgueil, like wants it the tradition, authorizing her to raise the title of Marchioness.
Raised in the privileged environment of the Court - her grandfather then his father having been Counts of Avaricum - Iphigénie very early knew, in skilful calculator, to benefit from her ow, and to constitute a circle of courtiers, which saw in it a means easier to reach the good graces of the Monarch. Thus constituted itself, in the last years of twentieth century, « the living room of Milady of Montorgueil » , where one as well counted lords of the minor Castilloner nobility and notable foreigners (ambassadors, nationals, ministers), who philosophers and encyclopedists, mainly reforming. In 2001, the abbot of Milletail, considered puritan, denounced however the licence publicly sails about it in this living room, but his sad indictment did not find ears at the Court - so much and so that one came from there to forget the importunate one. The following years knew nevertheless the progressive decline of this place of very open appointment, the Marchioness frequently going away.
In 2001, Iphigénie undertook to leave the capital, that agitation and the bustle wearied, to remain in Montorgueil, with the borders of the Principality. There, it improved her lesson, in particular musical and literary, not hesitating to make move the largest Masters of Castillon-Villeroy, which it lodged with her expenses in the castle. However, after a few months in « exile » , the Marchioness took again the way of the Court, where her return did not pass unperceived. Taking part in all the demonstrations of plume to the Palate, being made hostess, in her Saint-Fiacre hotel, of all the dinners about which one spoke then sufficiently to agree to saying that they gathered the finest and fine talkers, his empire on the Court and its people was most total and complete with the day before of the disorders of 1705, shaking Monarchy and the County.
The appearances of Iphigénie at the Court rarefied thereafter ; the Marchioness, sister of the actual Emperor of Avaricum, was to observe some discretion, with regard to the businesses of the Throne in which it took active share, unceasingly working to strengthen and grow the party of Castillon, opposite with rivals new-Alexandrian (the name of the subway Avarian territory) increasingly more active and influential. February 6th, 1707, the Marchioness is linked, by the crowned bonds of the wedding, with the Emperor of Alexandria Edgard II, cash among the principal allies of the Holy Avarian Empire, and left in Avaricum fact for the State of which she became the Empress.

Heraldic Edit

Image-armorial bearings Iphigénie of Valois-Montorgueil

Quartered with the first and fourth of Alexandria (quartered to the first and fourth of azure, sown flowers of gold lily, with the componnated bendlet of argent and gules ; and with the second and third of argent, the chains of gold, in cross, saltire and orle, lit in vert heart) ; and with the second and third of Montorgueil (of azure, with the leopard of gold, the chief palied of two flowers of argent lily and with one at base).

Equipped with the Imperial Alexandrian coat, the blazon is surmounted by the Imperial Alexandrian crown.
Empress Iphigénie of Valois-Montorgueil
Iphigénie of Valois-Montorgueil
Reign 6 February, 2007 - Present
Coronation 6 February, 2007
Spouse Edgard II
Father Philippe III of Avaricum
Mother Blanche of Habsbourg-Castillon
Born March 11, 1982
Castillon-Villeroy, Avaricum
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