The January elections will elect members to the 2nd Parliament of Alexandria.

The January 2006 Alexandrian Parliamentary Elections (more formally, the 1st General Election) was held from January 13, 2006 to January 17, 2006, to elect members of the 2nd Imperial Parliament.

No political party in Alexandria won a clear plurality of the seats in the Imperial Parliament, leaving the three major political parties with two seats each. One independent, Jean Michel Leclerc sits in Parliament as an appointed representative by the Emperor.

Cause of the ElectionEdit

This winter election was caused by the expiration of the 1st Parliament's term as stipulated by the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005. On the morning of January 5, 2006, Prime Minister Matthieu Poitiers dissolved Parliament to allow elections to occur on the second weekend of January, 2006.

Constituencies Edit

The current Imperial Parliament is made up of seven seats. Five of them are devoted to the provinces of the Empire. These are Asunción, Puerto Nuevo, Rio Grande, Valenciennes and Baudrix.

There are two seats in Parliament that are not elected. One is appointed by the Emperor and the MP appointed has to be a scholar and a member of the Catholic Church. The second is appointed by the Prime Minister and the MP appointed has to be a member of the judiciary. Minister of Interior Lord Jean Michel Leclerc is currently holding the first seat. For the second seat, however, no appointment has ever been made and remains vacant.

Results Edit


Jacques de Beaufort, Conservative candidate for Asunción

Claude peterson

Claude Peterson, Leader of the Non-Partisan's Association, and candidate for Puerto Nuevo

Nicholas bertrand

Nicholas Bertrand, Candidate for Baudrix and Leader of the left-of-center People's Democratic Party

Asunción Edit

Originally Fabiola Douay from the Alexandrian Pride Party filed her papers for re-election, and Jacques de Beaufort filed his to run against her as a Conservative. Douay soon left the province to run as a candidate for Rio Grande, and Beaufort was left as the sole standing candidate.

Jacques de Beaufort won this constituency for the Alexandrian Conservative Party by default.

Puerto Nuevo Edit

In the constituency of Puerto Nuevo, Bertrand Barisart, an independent, filed his papers to run against Claude Peterson, member of the Non-Partisan's Association.

The first run of the elections in this province produced a tie between Mr Barisart and Mr Peterson. The second balloting occurred from January 30 to February 2. In the second and final run, Claude Peterson was re-elected with 75% of the vote, defeating Bertrand Barisart with 25% of the vote.

Rio Grande Edit

Fabiola Douay moved here to run as its representative after encountering strong opposition from the people of Asunción regarding her re-election bid there. Joshua Jackson filed his papers to run against Douay as a member of the Non-Partisan's Association. Soon after, Douay left Alexandria, leaving Joshua Jackson standing alone in the race.

Joshua Jackson won the seat by default for the Non-Partisan's Association.

Valenciennes Edit

Rubén Ruiz, from the People's Democratic Party, won this seat by default.

Baudrix Edit

Touted as one of the more heated races of this election, Nicholas Bertrand from the People's Democratic Party, is facing Conservative Jose Frias to succeed Jacques Gordon, a prominent Conservative who retired this year.

Nicholas Bertrand won with 60% against Jose Frias's 40%.

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