Leclerc, centre, walking to the Imperial Parliament

Lord Jean Michel Leclerc des Montagnes, born in Santos Laguna de los Mares del Suroeste, a colony of The Republic of Talamthom, on 4th April 1984. Despite the prominence of Spanish culture on the island, his father was originally from Alexandria before emigrating thus explaining Leclerc's Alexandrian-French name.

Leclerc, after studying at the University of Talamthom, decided to persue a career in politics in the land of his father. In 2004 he decided to leave the tiny Santos Laguna and head across Los Mares del Suoeste (The South-East Seas) to The Empire of the Alexandrians.


Leclerc's politics were extremely left-leaning upon his arrival. Having been a strong supporter of the Communist Party of Talamthom whilst at university, he decided to petition Emperor Edgard II and his Interior Minister at the time to set up an Alexandrian Communist Party.

The political makeup of the Empire at the time was very conservative and, despite some early defections and enticing new members, Leclerc realised that communism wasn't the best solution for government. Although attempting to stay closely tied to the concepts laid-out in Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto, he began to rebrand the party as a more forward-thinking left-wing party, avoiding the usual pitfalls of micronational Soviet-influenced socialism.

Upon his departure from Alexandria, the Communist Party had three members, two of which were sitting within the ruling coalition. At his politically most powerful Leclerc, counted the Emperor as a close friend, despite obvious political differences at the time, and held the position of Interior Minister, was the Member of Parliament from Valenciennes and was involved in the secret defense council.

Valenciennes Provincial ParliamentEdit

Leclerc had been an advocate of deep federalism within the Empire and, whilst in the position of Government Representative for Valenciennes, went about setting the Valenciennes Provincial Parliament. It had been hoped that this would be the start of more autonomy within the provinces and colonies, but, following the serious inactivity within the government following his departure, the pace of change within the Valenciennes Parliament has now since slowed.

Leaving Alexandria and the ReturnEdit

In late 2005, Leclerc decided to leave Alexandria due to the poor health of two close family members in Santos Laguna. He has, since his departure, kept a keen eye on developments in Alexandria and has not ruled out a return to the country he once called home.

On 27th June 2007, Leclerc made the decision to return for an as yet undisclosed period of time, to his beloved Valenciennes. It is generally thought that he will seek a position in the Valenciennes Parliament, that he helped to establish, and will join a centre-right party following his recent conversion to conservatism.

Preceded by:
Position did not exist.
Appointed Member of Parliament
Dec. 2005–April 2006.
Succeeded by:
Seat remains empty.
Preceded by:
Position did not exist.
Minister of Interior
Oct. 2005–April 2006.
Succeeded by:
Paul Joyce.
Preceded by:
Damien Clouseau.
First Minister of Valenciennes
September 2007–current.
Succeeded by:
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