Name (Reign)

All dates are AD.

House of Alexandria-Sardinia Edit

Francis Joseph I (680-695)

Merovius I (695-707)

Alexander I (707-713)

Thibert I (713-727)

Alexander II (727-735)

Clodomir I (735-751)

Clovis I (751-768)

Clovis II (768-780)

Charibert I (780-806)

Josephus I (806-827)

Childbert I (827-829)

Clovis III (829-839)

Alexander III (839-869)

Clodion I (869-887)

Pharamond I (887-903)

Alfred I (903-932)

Grimaud I (932-963)

Augustus I (963-979)

Thierry I (979-1000)

Justinian I (1000-1016)1

Verenean Occupation Edit

Harold I (1016-1053)

Eagerbert I (1053-1089)

Renald I (1089-1098)

Restoration of the House of Alexandria-Sardinia Edit

Joseph I (1098-1114) 2

Robert The Pious (1114-1126)

Justinian II (1126-1141)

Phillip I (1141-1159)

House of Carvajal Edit

Louis I (1159-1172)

Louis II (1172-1185)

Louis III (1185-1205)

Phillip II (1205-1216)

Phillip III (1216-1233)

Henry I (1233-1244)

Louis IV (1244-1252)

Phillip V (1252-1264)

Louis V (1264-1270)

Louis VI The Holy (1270-1289)

Henry II (1289-1304)

Louis VII (1304-1329)

Louis VIII (1329-1353)3

Interregnum Edit

Robert, Count of Artoix (1353-1357)

Restoration of the House of Carvajal Edit

Louis IX (1357-1371)

Louis X (1371-1388)

Charles I (1388-1399)

Charles II The Bold (1399-1429)

John I (1429)

Phillip VI The Tall (1429-1435)

Charles III Augustus (1435-1454)

Charles IV (1454-1485)

Louis IX (1485-1497)

Francis I (1497-1507)

Charles V (1507-1513)

House of Artoix Edit

Charles VI (1513-1535)

Louis XII (1535-1559)

Henry III (1559-1564)

Charles VII (1564-1590)

Phillip VII (1590-1622)

Phillip VIII (1622-1626)

Louis XIII (1626-1660)

Francis Joseph II (1660-1702)4

Revolution of 1702 Edit

The National Convention (1702-1704)

Restoration of the House of Artoix Edit

Francis Joseph II (1705)

House of Portela, or House of Nubinar Edit

Louis XIV (1705-1740)

Francis II (1740-1756)

Phillip IX (1756-1774)5

Revolution of 1774 Edit

The National Assembly (1774-1775)

The Constituent Assembly (1775-1777)

Alexandrian Commonwealth Edit

President Joseph Thiers (1777-1781) 6

Restoration of the House of Portela Edit

Francis Joseph III (1781-1819)

Louis XV (1819-1831)

Louis XVI (1831-1850)

Charles VIII (1850-1874)

Charles IX (1874-1919)

Louis XVII (1919-1959)

Edgard I (1959-1986)

Edgard II (1986-now)

Footnotes Edit

1Justinian I was overthrown by the Verenean Empire and exiled to Veronici.

2Joseph I was able to kick out the Verenan invaders in 1098 and reclaimed his grandfather's (Justinian I) throne.

3After Louis XIII's death, Robert, Count of Artoix, led a coup and overthrew the House of Carvajal in a dynastic struggle.

4Francis Joseph II was overthrown by the Revolution of 1702. The Revolution was not a success and he was soon restored. He died soon after the restoration.

5Phillip IX was overthrown by the Revolution of 1774. He died in exile September 18, 1779.

6President Joseph Thiers was elected as the first President of the Alexandrian Commonwealth. He was overthrown in a popular revolution to restore the House of Portela.

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