The National Anthem Resolution was passed by the 2nd Imperial Parliament on February 20th, 2006.

OUI - Jacques de Beaufort, Jean Michel Leclerc.


NON - N/A.

By this Resolution, the Imperial Parliament of Alexandria approves the lyrics of the Alexandrian National Anthem, as follows:

This to Alexandria, Fair and Free by Max Basil

Thou means oh so much to me,

Triumphant banner of delight.

Beautiful silver sky-kite,

glistening as it flutters in the gale--

This is Alexandria, fair and free.

No storm shall overturn thee;

Thine Emperor, of Island Lore,

Portela, thy Commodore,

Wisely charts for thee a safe, gilded trail--

This for Alexandria, fair and free.

Without thee I would not see

That which Independence offers

To me, all my familiars,

And anyone whom normalcy's too pale--

This from Alexandria, fair and free.

I hail thee and extol thee

There never was a place so bright,

Or where things felt so alright.

May Fate and Moira extend thy tale--

This to Alexandria, fair and free.

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