The National Copyright Administration Act was passed by the Estates-General in July 18th, 2005. It was granted Imperial Assent in August 1st, 2005.

WHEREAS The preservation of individual property rights is essential in any prosperous economy.

WHEREAS The establishment of a code of individual rights to property would provide proper foundation for the exhange of ideas.

Therefore be it enacted,

SECTION 1. Rights of Citizens to Property Edit

1. All citizens have the right to their own property, which includes all objects owned through purchase, personal creation, gift, of their own body. 2. No citizen's property may be seized without having been convicted of a crime. 3. No citizen's property may be seized without sufficient cause or use in a criminal investigation. 4. The state may not tax citizens based on race, religion, ethnicity, or creed.

SECTION 2. Rights of Citizens Against Theft Edit

1. Property stolen or used in a manner outside of the expressed permission of the legal owner is illegal, and incurs no less than a fine of 10,000R and 2 weeks banning 2. When someone is convicted of a crime, all of his accounts are to be frozen; if the convicted person fails to make state-mandated payments within 10 days of the conviction, his assets will be seized by the state, and his property will be auctioned off.

SECTION 3. National Copyright Administration, hereinafter the NCA Edit

1. The NCA shall be established to approve and manage the processing of copyright applications. 2. The NCA Chairman shall be an independent official appointed by the National Congress, and removed at the discretion of the Estates-General. 3. The NCA shall maintain copyrights on all property or creations approved for copyright for no less than two months, after two months, the copyright must be re-filed by the citizen. 4. If a copyright is violated by any party, the NCA may pursue its own charges against the offenders. 5. The NCA has the right to charge copyright maintanence fees for individuals awarded copyrights lasting beyond the minimum two months.


1.This act will become law immediately upon being approved by the required intitutions of government.

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