The National Holidays act was passed by the Estates-General on September 3rd, 2005. It was granted Imperial Assent in Septmeber 6th, 2005.

This act was not voted through roll call.

  • OUI - 4 votes
  • NON - N/A

Section I. NameEdit

This act may be cited officially as the National Holidays Act.

Section II. Definition of National HolidayEdit

The words “National Holiday” means a day appointed by this Act.

Section III. HolidaysEdit

The following days shall be declared as National Holidays:

a.) 1 January – New Year’s Day

b.) 16 April – Emperor Edgard II’s Birthday

c.) 7 May – Founding Day

d.) 15 June – Jubilee of Emperor Edgard II’s Accession to the Throne

e.) 7 July – National Flag Day

f.) 14 July – Monarchy Day

g.) 25 November – Thanksgiving Day

h.) 1 December – San Martin Day

i.) 24 December – Christmas Eve

j.) 25 December – Christmas Day

Section IV. Edit

On a National Holiday, no business or economic activity, including but not limited to banking, sharemarket activity, tax and payroll, shall be transacted before the Estates-General, Cabinet ministries or departments or a court of law.

Section V. Edit

This act shall come into force on a day in which receives Imperial Assent.

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