Nicholas Bertrand
Nicholas bertrand
Profession: Leader of the People's Democratic Party
Province of Residence: Baudrix
Joined Alexandria on: December 20, 2005

Nicholas Bertrand is the former Leader of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and has been an Alexandrian citizen since late 2005.

Bertrand resides in the province of Baudrix where he was recently elected as Member of Parliament, this is the first time a left wing MP has been elected in the Province and it is the first province that the PDP have taken from the ACP.

After the resignation of Fabiola Douay, Nicholas Bertrand was left to pick up the pieces of what was the Alexandrian Pride Party and he was faced with the task of modernisation and reform of the party. It was Bertrand who created the PDP and launched a new era of liberal and progressive politics in Alexandria.

Bertrand has expressed interest in running for Prime Minister and has been a consistent advocate of further democratic reform in Alexandria.

In Febuary 2006 Bertand was declaired Inactive and lost his leadership of the PDP.

Preceded by:
Fabiola Douay
Leader of the Alexandrian Pride Party
January 2006
Succeeded by:
Party changed name.
Preceded by:
Party did not exist.
Leader of the People's Democratic Party
January 2006
Succeeded by:
Pete James.
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