People's Democratic Party
Party Leader Sebastien Alexandre
Founded October, 2005.
Political ideology Liberal
Color(s) Red

The People's Democratic Party (PDP) is the succesor of the Alexandrian Pride Party (APP). The name change occured when party president Fabiola Douay left the nation out of discontent.

The PDP describes itself as a "progressive centre-left party that is dedicated to ensuring democracy and protecting the rights of the people". It is the only active party of the left within Alexandria. It seeks to represent everyone who has liberal and progressive beliefs.

The party was founded by Nicholas Bertrand, who assumed leadership after Douay's departure. The current leader, Pete James, is working on new policies. At the moment, the PDP has one MP in the Imperial Parliament, and is indeending to fight for 1-2 of the seats about to go up for by-election. Bertrand had expressed hopes that the PDP would bring Alexandria into a new era of 2 party democracy. He failed in achiving this goal, but James has expressed similar hopes, leading to belief that their still may be hope for multi party politics in Alexandria.

The main beliefs of the party are:

Foreign Policy - Currently being drafted

Domestic Policy - Currently beong drafted, expected to include Free health care, free education, Trade Union laws and intorduce a national minimum wage that grows with inflation also a Welfare State.

Economics - Currently being drafted, expected to include differennt tax bands

Monarchy - Constitutional amendments to reduce the power of the Emperor and Imperial Family.

Military - Currently being drafted

For the April 2006 parliamentry elections the party are campaining on the Economy, Free Education and Free Healthcare. There campain slogan is: "Choose Change. Choose the PDP" A play on the Tagline of the movie Trainspotting

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