Puerto Nuevo
PuertoNuevoFlag PuertoNuevoCoat
Flag of Puerto Nuevo Coat of Arms of Puerto Nuevo
Motto: Plus Ultra (Latin: Further Beyond)
Official languages Spanish, French (in most areas)
Capital San Sebastián
Largest city San Sebastián
Grand Duke of Puerto Nuevo Prince Enrique
Premier Vacant. (N/A)

The province of Puerto Nuevo is a province of the Empire of the Alexandrians. It is located in the eastern half of the San Martino Isle, north of Cibola. It is bordered by the province of Asunción to its west, and by ocean to its north, south and east.

Important citiesEdit


Puerto Nuevo is one of the three provinces of the Empire (others are Baudrix and Rio Grande) which lack an official provincial government. Puerto Nuevo is officially ruled by Prince Enrique, who serves as viceroy.

Efforts to form a provincial government have been made by residents like Claude Peterson and Prince Enrique, but they have not come to fruition.


Puerto Nuevo is one of the most industrialized provinces in Alexandria. Puerto Nuevo’s economy is dynamic and diversified, with industries ranging from shipbuilding to aerospace engineering.

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