The Speaker Act 2006 was passed by the 2nd Imperial Parliament on February 15th 2006, it received Imperial Assent on February 16th 2006.

This Act was voted on through roll call.

YES - 3

NO - N/A



I. Edit

This Act shall be known as the Speaker Act 2006.

II. Edit

The members of the Imperial Parliament will elect a Speaker from among themselves according to the Constitution.

III. Edit

The Speaker will be in charge of organizing the Imperial Parliament's Agenda. 1. The Speaker will receive all bills and acts, and he will introduce them to debate on the floor according to the date of submittance. 2. The Speaker holds the power to open the time for debate and vote. 3. The Speaker will announce to the people of the Empire when a bill or act has been voted into Law, and he will publish the contens of the said Law in the Library of the Imperial Parliament.

IV. Edit

The Speaker will also fullfill his duties as the elected representative he is. He will cast a normal vote along with the other members when a votation is on.

V. Edit

The Speaker has no extra powers or responsabilities other than the above mentioned. He will not use his possition of Speaker to try to move the votations one way or the other, he will only stick to organizing the Agenda as specified.

VI. Edit

If a Speaker proves to be unable to handle the possition or isn't active enough to cope with the job, a vote proposed and held by the other members of the Imperial Parliament may be conducted to dismiss him from the office. This vote, however, is not intended to make him leave the House altogether.

VII. Edit

This act shall take effect on the day it receives Imperial Assent.

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