Parliament House, Larousse, Edgardia.

The Valenciennes Provinicial Parliament is a provincial government institution on the edge of Edgardia, Valenciennes Province, The Empire of the Alexandrians. The parliament is held in a building unimaginatively named Parliament House. The building's orginal use was as a Gold Merchant's auction house and exchange for the town of Larousse, a settlement that predates Edgardia and is administered as a district of the Capital.


On October 12, 2005, Jean Michel Leclerc petitioned the Emperor for the establishment of the Valenciennes Provincial Parliament. Residents of the province quickly supported the petition and it was created on the same day. This made Valenciennes the first province in Alexandria to have its own provincial government.

Following the establishment of the Provincial Parliament, the residents of Valenciennes began to work on a local constitution and on different laws. Valenciennes began offering free health care to its residents, and since then, the system has been used as a model for national health care proposals.


The chief executive is the First Minister. The current First Minister is Jean Michel Leclerc. The legislative branch consists of the unicameral Valenciennes Provincial Parliament. All residents of Valenciennes have a voice and a vote in it and may propose bills as well.

Valenciennes also has a representative to the Imperial Parliament as a province of the Empire. The Member of Parliament from Valenciennes has a term of three months and is elected by the people of the province at every general election. The Member of Parliament is expected to participate in Provincial Parliament debates and is expected to work closely with the First Minister.

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